Puso Para Sa Bayan


Launched in May 2013 in Caloocan City, the Puso para sa Bayan is a caravan of converged services and assistance delivered in one specific community, for one day. These services include medical, dental and legal; feeding for children; OFW calling stations; livelihood trainings; sports; and entertainment. Implemented in partnership with corporate groups, private individuals and non-government institutions, the Puso Para Sa Bayan is held in different areas of the country.

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Packages of interventions for the different groups are designed and developed on a “need-based” approach. In the process, inputs are provided to the group or communities as a result of the joint assessment between JCBF and the target sector.


By mobilizing corporate partners to deliver a variety of services to a single community, the Foundation offers a “bright spot of sunshine” to help alleviate the pressures of life for people in the community being served.