To achieve its mission and vision, JCBF has developed a thematic framework to guide its activities, under the acronym SHIELD.
SHIELD represents a comprehensive set of development interventions, designed to maximize the strengths of our development partners as they work together with the Foundation in the achievement of common goals for national development.

Sectoral Services

Include programs for women and children, senior citizens, OFWs, among others.


Health Initiatives

Comprise programs involving the improvement of community health systems and health promotion among local areas.


Investment in Livelihood and Social Enterprises

All about working with organizations to enable them to establish and operate social enterprises for increased incomes and sustainability.


Education and Learning

Includes programs for scholarships, skills training and learning events.


Local Leadership and Grassroots Governance

Constitutes programs for capacitating leadership among sectoral leaders for good local governance.


Disaster Resiliency

Includes programs for disaster risk reduction and management.